The Story behind my Selfportraits

In this project I show five of my characteristics and a bit of my personal grow. I have chosen to expressive some of my charactaristisch in a symbolic way. These are: tenderness, strength, vulnerability, independence and my peace. Underneath you will find a overview of the pictures with a short explanation.


On this picture I am (not really) pregnant. It symbolizes my tenderness. A side of me that I just fully developed when I became mum. I became milder, and less demanding to others. A new part of my life began in which I took care of my two pressious childeren, to whom I could give all my love.



This picture symbolizes my strength. A Dutch saying says ‘you are pullling the truck’ when you are the motor. So this is how I photographed myself as I am the motor in my family. When I was thinking about how I would make the picture symbolizing my strengh I was thinking of that saying and in my head I saw the competitions of people pulling trucks. This is how I came tot his picture.


My biggest vulnerability is the fact that I had cancer en the fear that I have up till the present day. When the doctors told me I was clean and when my hair started to grow again, I said that I would never wear a headwraps again. It was this vulnerability I wanted to capture in a picture. I had to overcome my feelings, but I am photographed as a cancer patient. From the period I was ill, I don’t have any pictures of myself.

The fact that I did have cancer also made positive things happen. It shaped me to who I am now. That is showed in the last two pictures in this serie.



Over the last years I have become more en more independent. I let nobody tell me what to do or what not to do. I do the things I like, afcourse as far as this is possible. I don’t let thing I want to do wait till later and I don’t let me be stopped by borders. In this picture I symbolize this fact by climbing over a fence on which a sign says that nobody is allowed in.


This pictures shows me as I am now. I enjoy life and found my peace. I am happy with the person I became, with what I achieved and with all the possibilities I have. I got the ability to enjoy the little things in life. A smile, a word, or with a glass of wine and my feet in the sand watching the sunset. From this I get the energy to be a good mum, keep my family going, work on my health and do the things I like. In this picture it all comes together.